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I began writing a few years ago during a “wilderness” season in my life.  Blogging was my survival.  I’ve learned a lot about myself since putting those first words on paper.  I figured out I often don’t know how I feel about a particular thing until I see it in my own writing. You’ll find personal stories about me and my family scattered throughout my blog.  

I also write about belonging. It began as a writing exercise for Write 31 Days, a writing challenge offered every October. At that time, I was still wandering in my wilderness, and God used this series to walk me out of the desert.  It was therapy.  It was life-changing.  The posts are rather raw, and vulnerable, written quickly to complete the daily deadlines.  However, months later, I know God isn’t finished with this topic — or me — just yet, as I continue to think and write about belonging.  Although the stories shared in this series are very personal to me, the need to belong is universal.  Maybe something in that 31 days pertains to you?  We all want to find our people and our place. 

There are many stories here about art. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. But I never pursued art. Becoming a grandmother to a little gal who loves art ignited something deep within me. We have done artistic things together since she was two years old. And in the last few years, my own mother has surprisingly played a key role in my current pursuit of painting. Those stories are here along with (forgive me now) many of my novice art pictures.  It’s fun for me and may be fun for you. I don’t know. Enjoy or scroll on by. 

The recent loss of my husband, best friend, and soulmate has motivated me to write much about grief. Walking through this life without him is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m pretty transparent about it all. I’m learning healing happens in the witnessing of my grief. I write about it. I talk about it. I cry about it. This journey has allowed me to “see” the pain of others as well, and I’m learning to witness their grief. That’s become my mantra, “Grief must be witnessed.”  I’m a reluctant witness, and my soul still longs for what I had before….but I won’t waste the pain.  I am a woman of faith, AND I grieve my husband deeply. You’ll find my grief witnessed here.

If you have a little time, you may read a sample or two here…

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Who’s Driving My Bus?

My bus is stuck in the mud this week. Fear, the bus driver, doesn’t seem to be very confident of getting out of this mess soon. He appears to be paralyzed by the situation. Maybe not completely idle; is wallowing an action? He has provided food and drink for those of us along for the ride, but the thought of eating quickly brings Nausea to take the seat beside me. She allows me to drink, but no food, as she threatens and squeezes my stomach tight. Exhaustion has gotten on the bus in the last few days and urges me to “just sleep it off” until the bus gets going again. (Read more…)

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It’s Time To Put On Our Capes and Be Brave

I’m working on being brave.  I’m working on my courage.  I want to be a superhero.

My granddaughter is one of my superheroes.  She can see the kids on the fringe.  She is sensitive like that.  She knows when girls aren’t fitting in.  About a month ago, a new girl showed up at her youth group.  When Aubrey noticed the girl, she guided her to the welcome center to help her register and get a name tag.  Aubrey stayed with her the rest of the evening.  That same evening, two other girls were also new to youth group.  They were a bit older than Aubrey, and would have been in a different section, but no one welcomed them.  No one showed them how or where to register.  They were left to fend for themselves.  Now 4 weeks later?  Bre’s new friend was there last night, and has come back every week.  But the two other girls didn’t come back the following week or the next.  They didn’t find their people so they didn’t bother to come back at all.  (Read more…)

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Just A Simple Magnifying Glass

I wasn’t prepared for the reaction Phyllis had when I set the magnifier in front of her.  “Oh my!  Look at that! Can you believe it?  Wow.  I can see the detail!  Oh my!  Wow.  I just can’t believe it.”  Her response went on, “I bet I can read the newspaper now!  Look at that!  And the menu; I’ll be able to read the menu now”.  

Seriously?  It’s just a magnifying glass with a simple stand..

Before long she had all the other art “students” looking through the glass. They were not as impressed as Phyllis was, but then, they are not legally blind. (Read more…)