25 random things about me….. from my facebook page….

1. I started dating my husband when I was 15 1/2 years old (even tho I wasn’t suppose to date until I was 16). I married him two weeks after my 18th birthday. I have often wondered since then… “where were my parents? and what were they thinking?” 🙂 I have also thought many times since then…. Thank you, Lord, that Jon came into my life… I would have gone a very different direction left to myself.

2. I am the fourth child out of five, born after the only boy and before the doctor (my younger sister). I am 16 months younger than my brother….my Mom didn’t tell my dad she was expecting until she was 5 months pregnant! Five months!! Yeh. So all those “middle child” syndromes apply to me….all the flaws, quirks, insecurities… and strengths…. and I’m ok with that….. they have made me who I am today…and I’m ok with who I am today….finally 🙂

3. I lost a sister to cancer during the summer of 2002.   I am still shocked by that almost every day. I wish I had more time with her… She was too young to die. 

4. A job transfer took us to Denver Colorado in 2000 …for 11 months! I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I known it was going to be for only 11 months. It was the worst year and the best year of my life.  And even now, many years later, I am still feeling the effects of that 11 months.  I was changed forever. 

5. I am closer to my siblings now than I was at any time growing up. Even tho we do not talk often — we love each other; support each other; and would do anything to help one another. I am blessed.

6. I sometimes look back on my parenting, and would like some do-overs…. a few regrets here and there…. but then, I look at my daughters, and think…. I must have done something right. I have 4 daughters that I count as best friends. 

7. I am realizing more and more how very young my dad was when he died.  He passed on his 57th birthday.   I am sad that he didn’t really get to know my children…..or me. He was an Archie Bunker as I grew up…. but he mellowed his last few years….. he was a great Grandpa…….. I wonder what he’d be like now…..

8. I have given birth four times…. and I went through it without much thought, really… However, after watching my daughter give birth…. I’d like to have a talk with God about this whole process!!   I have the privilege of caring for my  grandchildren two days a week. It is a blessing to be a part of their everyday lives and to know them well.  I hope I always know them well…. I want to be that kind of Gramma.

9. I cannot remember much of my childhood….I have very few memories… and that makes me sad.

10. I am a task-oriented person…. just give me a job to do!!! However, I want to be more people-oriented… and I am working on that…. “Mary has chosen the better thing…”

11. I once worked at a data processing job where the computer took up the whole entire room… and was fed with little cards I “punched” full of holes. When the boss wasn’t paying attention, my friend and I would calculate and “punch” designs or recipes on the cards …..anything creative to break the monotony. Those were the days before Clarence Thomas, and that same boss was often very inappropriate with me. If I knew then what I know now…… uurrr!

12. I paint a little; I draw a little; I sew a little; I know a little shorthand; I know a little sign language; I read a lot; I love to cook.  “little” being the operative word in all those things.

13. A tornado almost destroyed us….it caused much havoc at the time… and we felt the repercussions even years later…

14. I have been actively/eagerly/regularly involved in Bible studies … and I am amazed at how applicable God’s Word is for everything that is going on in my life TODAY.

15. I have way too many Christmas decorations…. and yet I am still enjoy buying them over any other home decor items.

16. I bake pretty darn good pies, and often when planning meals, the pie is the first thing on the list, and I plan the rest of the meal around it. My husband is my biggest pie fan and has always encouraged me to go into business……how sweet is that.

17. When I was approximately 22 years old, I took $5 back to the 5 and 10 in my home town to repay the store for candy I stole as a kid. (sorry, Mom)

18. I have 11 nieces and 3 nephews….  I wish I had time to know them all better.

19. I love to shop for purses, shoes, jewelry and home decor……. I abhor shopping for clothes. 

20. I once took a hot air balloon ride….. against my will …. but I am so glad I did!

21. I have been to Niagra Falls, Gatlinburg, Captiva Island, Coronado Island, Denver, Breckenridge, Key West, Covington Falls, the Poconos, New York, Chicago, the Ozarks, Arizona, and Orlando ….. but I have never been out of the country….. well, unless you count a hike across the border to Tujuana…..

22. My husband wanted to take me to Switzerland once…. but I was overwhelmed with motherhood at the time, and I turned him down. He went on that business trip alone. Did I mention do-overs???

23. A while back, my husband made a sudden, unforeseen career change due to the unexpected death of his older brother….after being a CPA for 35 years,  he is farming now…. yep, that’s right… he’s a farmer…. the tractor, the combine, the whole bit. The ground he farms is an hour from our home and he commutes now so that Autumn, our youngest,  can finish out her high school years with her friends, school, and youth group, but eventually it’ll mean a move for us….. back to our roots… back to the place I grew up… back to my hometown…. not sure how I feel about that….. some days I think it’ll be okay…. and some days it scares me to death. But I know in my heart it was the right thing for Jon…. and I’m trusting God…. If it was the right thing for him… it’ll be the right thing for me. “Green acres is the place for me….faarrmm livin’ is life for me…….dodo dododo dodo”

24. I have lost 7 close family members or friends in as many years….. but every one of them professed to know Christ as their Savior….. and I will see them again.

25. Wow….. long list…. of just random things… if you’re still reading…. thank you.  I hope to use this space to share things about me, my life, my God…. and how I am still just trying to figure it all out.   Putting words on paper is new to me.  We’ll see if it becomes a passion ….or a chore 🙂

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