You Better Be Secure If You Married A Dog-Lover Because…

1.  Any family photo that has the three of you in it, his arm is around the dog, not you.PD_0107

2.  In the morning, before he leaves for work, he is leaning down, petting the dog and whispering sweet nothings into HER ear.

3.  With an upcoming vacation, rather than being concerned about the packing or your reservations, he is more concerned about where the dog will be staying.

4.  Even though he may have been “missing in action” during the night when the baby dirtied a diaper or threw up in the crib, he has the rag and cleaner in hand when the dog vomits or poops on the carpet.

5.  In the evening, he is all snuggled up on the couch — with the dog.

6.  He may not think to share his late-evening snack with you as he is giving the dog every other bite.

PD_00597.  Although the bed is really only big enough for two, he doesn’t mind the dog keeping him warm.

8.  Upon arriving home from work, he greets the dog first, and then gives you a kiss.

9.  Even when the house is virtually out of groceries, he calls to make sure you remember to pick up dog bones.

10. Even though you are NOT a dog-lover, you ALWAYS make sure your husband has a dog because you love the way he loves his dogs.IMG_2442

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