Doors of the Past: Five Minute Friday

Linking up with Five Minute Friday as I write for 5 minutes on the word prompt: Door.

There are 4 very old, dirty doors in our shed.  We salvaged them from my husband’s grandparents’ century-old home last fall.   His grandparents have been gone for many years, and the house was sold and then a few years later reverted back to the bank.  Then there was a fire.  No one knows how or why.  But the family bought it back — house and surrounding land.  Land to farm; house to demolish.  Sad.  We wanted anything that could be repurposed.  Woodwork.  Stair posts.  Doors.  So many possibilities.  (Thank you, Pinterest.)  Will these doors become shelves?  Or mirrors?  Maybe a headboard in a bedroom.  Doors of the past gracing the homes of great-grandchildren.  I love that.  I see a postcard attached to the back of each one — the story of Frank and Grace.  Legacies…


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