Is Following After the Good Enough?

“Following” along with 5 Minute Friday today with the word prompt:  Follow

Go — 5 minutes

As a Christian woman, I try to follow after good things in my life.  And I attempt to shy away from not-so-good things.  I want to run after what will encourage, challenge, educate, and enrich me as a woman.  I want good things in my life.  Don’t you?

I follow a Girls’ Night Out group; a group of women that inspire and challenge me

I follow a weekly Bible Study

I follow some really good blogs by godly women

I follow the most current, popular Bible teachers

I follow my husband of 40 years, and feel so blessed to have his godly leadership

I follow what my adult children are doing and their children

I follow…

I follow…

These are good things in my life.  Really good things.

However, am I spending time reading Christian blogs to get to know my God?

My husband is a great guy, and my children do need my attention, but they are NOT my God.

Am I spending time with godly women in the hopes of getting to know Christ?  We talk about Him and I always come away encouraged.  But I think it’s like trying to get to know Karen by spending time with Karen’s best friend.  Why not sit down with Karen?

Sometimes I wonder if I am forgetting to follow after the BEST thing.   Nothing replaces my relationship with God.

Not even the really good things in my life.

Stop! 5 minutes?






4 thoughts on “Is Following After the Good Enough?

  1. Connie, I see we took this word in a similar vein this week. 🙂 I love how the Holy Spirit does that! I also love the exhortation to make sure I’m spending time with God—daily. Getting to know Him for who He is, not what people tell me about Him.

    Well done!

    I’m your FMF neighbor!

  2. So good and a much needed reminder. Give me Jesus! There is no substitute for Him is there?!! Thank you!

  3. So true, Connie … we have to be mindful not to let the good things crowd out the best thing. It’s not always easy either. We have access to so much good at our fingertips we can get into the lazy habit of thinking it’s enough. Thank you for the encouragemebt to keep the Main Thing the main thing! Blessed to stop by from FMF. 🙂

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