When Your People and Your Place Are New to You

During this two day hiatus from the Write 31 Days challenge, I’d like to share two books that are valuable resources if your place of belonging has actually changed to a new location on the map.  These pages offer wonderful insight during times of transition.  Both of these books will help anyone move ahead in a positive, healthy way after they’ve relocated to a new home.  I am going to list the chapter titles for each book because I think the titles alone will encourage and inspire you.


After the BOXES are UNPACKED (Moving On After Moving In)

by Susan Miller

Part I  Let Go

  1.  From Grits to Guacamole — My story
  2.  Dealing with all you’e left behind
  3.  Remembering back, but looking forward
  4.  Pressures that contribute to the overload factor in moving
  5.  Recognizing how deeply your move is affecting you
  6.  Understanding your emotional baggage
  7.  Identifying your feelings and emotions

Part II Start Over

  1.  How to make your house a home
  2.  Bloom where you are planted — Growing through your move
  3.  Things you need to do and things you need to know
  4.  Dealing with the loneliness you feel
  5.  Finding your lost identity
  6.  Strengthening your marriage after a move
  7.  Helping your children adjust and adapt
  8.  Borrow an egg – Making new friends

Part III Move Ahead

  1.  Finding contentment in your circumstances
  2.  Charging into your future with enthusiasm
  3. Equipping you to move forward

Epilogue:  The One Who Moves with Me — How God put this book in your hands



THIS Is Where YOU Belong (Finding Home Wherever You Are)

by Melody Warnick


  1.  The Lost Art of Staying Put
  2.  Lace Up Your Sneakers
  3.  Buy Local
  4.  Say Hi to Your Neighbors
  5.  Do Something Fun
  6.  Commune with Nature
  7.  Volunteer
  8.  Eat Local Food
  9.  Get More Political
  10.  Create Something
  11.  Stay Loyal
  12.  Settle Down

Love Where You Live Principles

Melody Warnick also gives us eleven great tips…

  1.  Our towns are what we think they are.
  2.  Emotion follows behavior; feelings follow action.
  3.  If you want to love your town, act like someone who loves your town would act.
  4.  When you’re happy (and healthy), then you’re happy (and healthy) where you live.
  5.  If you love your city, you should do what’s good for it. (What’s good for it is usually good for you.)
  6.  Relationships with people are what make you feel most at home.
  7.  Every town is good at something.  Do what your town is good at.
  8.  Put pins in the map.  Happy memories create place attachment.
  9.  When you invest, you feel invested.
  10.  There is no right town for everyone, just the right town for you right now.
  11.  Experience joy for as long as you’re there.

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