25 Ways to not BE-long

Be the center of attention
Be a conversation stealer
Be thinking of your answer
Be a bad listener
Be thinking about yourself because it’s ALL about you
Be bossy
Be the expert all the time
Be entitled
Be manipulative with flattery
Be a grudge-holder
Be unforgiving
Be self-righteous
Be right all the time
Be demanding
Be distrustful
Be a perfectionist
Be a snob.
Be needy
Be unempathetic
Be unremorseful
Be compulsive
Be addictive
Be emotionally detached
Be unfriendly
Be a bully

What a list!  Sometimes we have to see the harshness to recognize it.  Do you see yourself anywhere on that list?  I felt a bit uncomfortable as I typed a few of them.  I’m glad there’s always room to grow and become a better person, a better friend.  How about you?  Let’s flip them around and see what we find:

25 Ways to BE-long

Be mindful of others
Be inquisitive
Be a good listener
Be helpful
Be a good student
Be forgiving
Be humble
Be gentle
Be trusting
Be real
Be transparent
Be empathetic
Be vulnerable
Be sorry
Be friendly
Be compassionate
Be dependable
Be truthful
Be loyal
Be honest
Be kind
Be respectful
Be grateful
Be giving
Be yourself


That’s better.

These are the qualities I look for in a friend.  These are the attributes I want people to see in me.

I hope you found yourself over and over again on that list!

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