Assisted Living Residents Color Valentines for Their Sweethearts

The forecast for Friday was daunting.  The news was calling for a winter storm with 14 inches of snow threatening our area.  I texted my husband on Thursday afternoon, saying, “I think I’m just going to cancel class.”  His reply was almost instantaneous, “just wait until morning.”  I think he gets just as excited about this assisted living art class as I do.  I put my phone down and continued to prepare the art project for tomorrow’s class.

And yes, the weatherman got it right, Friday morning dawned cold and cloudy, and it snowed.  And snowed.  And snowed.  My husband called mid-morning and said, “I’ll come home and go with you.  Two are better than one in this mess.”  I am blessed that my husband supports me in whatever passions I pursue and is generous with his praise and encouragement.  The roads were a bit treacherous, but thankfully, with no wind, blowing and drifting were not a problem.   When I walked into the room, three women were already waiting for me.  Sherry said, “We were afraid you wouldn’t come today.”  Aw, I’m so glad I didn’t have to disappoint them.  Thanks, Hubby!


With the help of my daughter, who is a graphic designer, I prepared Valentine’s Day cards for the residents to color.  Several artists even asked me to write personal notes inside for them.  Sherry addressed her cards to her daughter, and Phyllis wanted to send her card to her son.  I was hoping the residents would actually want to give their artwork away.   How sweet to get a Valentine card colored by your 90 year old mother, right?


I have a new resident who has come to two classes.  Her right hand is in a cast and she is not able to use it (she is right-handed).  She isn’t very pleased with her artwork, but she is painting/coloring with her left hand!  I am not only impressed with her art, but also with her determination.  Way to go, Phyllis!


I’ve had enough classes with these ladies, I am beginning to recognize their individual styles.  Loraine usually wants her picture to match mine, and is happy when I bring a sample for her to copy.  Phyllis wants every single space painted, and always wants me write her name and date on the finished project.  Mary’s artwork is elegant — she usually chooses just 2 or 3 colors and keeps it really simple.  Roberta is very creative and has some art experience — she loves to mix colors.  My own mom is creative as well, and isn’t afraid to do “her own thing.”

The snow continued to fall during class, and my husband was getting a bit antsy about the drive home.  The ladies finished up early and we headed out.  Wowzers — by the time we turned into our driveway, we did indeed have 14 inches of snow!  As glad as I was to see those women, it felt really really good to be home safe and sound.













This is Mary’s card, and I have come to recognize Mary’s style. She always chooses 2 or 3 colors and keeps her design very simple. Beautiful.


This is my mom. That guy in the background? He’s my Encourager, aka hubby.




Valentine Cherry Tarts just seemed appropriate. I try to bake a treat each week…. because who doesn’t like something homemade now and then!



Thank you to MindfulnessColoring for the Valentine Bouquet design.  And thank you to Autumn Riggs for the three other cute Valentine Card designs, donuts, cactus, and teacups.  So darling!  So creative!  Thank you!


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