The World is Full of Gifted Artists and Others Who Practiced Regularly

Every now and then I join up with Five Minute Friday and write a blog post with the word prompt for the week. The post is suppose to be a 5 minute writing challenge.  I’m not sure I always obey that rule, but today I’m going to give it a try.  So here we go with the word: world…

The world is full of amazingly gifted artists. They recognized their talent early on, and have been creating beautiful “art” since they were children.

I am not one of those people. I have only discovered my “gifts” in recent years.  I am very late to the party. And often because of this, I am prone to comparisons.  And that is no way to move forward in any artistic field because comparisons tend to paralyze us.

I took an acrylic art challenge in April. In that class, our instructor, Cinnamon Cooney (The Art Sherpa), said, “Only 1-2 percent of people are born naturally gifted in art. Only that small percentage is born with the talent. However the world is full of gifted artists.  The reason?  Because art is a learned skill. Any art, whether it is painting, writing, playing a musical instrument or some other artistic endeavor, is a learned skill.

I love that.

Am I capable of learning a new skill?   Why, yes, yes I am! I can become one of those gifted artists out in our world. And so can you.

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3 thoughts on “The World is Full of Gifted Artists and Others Who Practiced Regularly

  1. Such an inspiring thought. I think we bring our own unique voices to writing and therein lies our talents. I am so glad to meet you on the Five Minute Friday linkup.

  2. Oh I am so encouraged that there is “hope” for those of who are late to the game!! I, too, am late but do want to use my gifts/talents for His honor!!

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