I’d Rather Paint

I’m finding the creative arts to be therapeutic during this season of grief.

I’m exploring acrylics, watercolors, and writing.

I’ve never been one to write in journals. But my heart needed to put my thoughts on paper.

I couldn’t find a journal that suited me. I ordered several and returned them all.

I created and published my own.

Painting has been a wonderful distraction.

Writing has been deep work.

Both are necessary in the healing process. I don’t think you can have one without the other and move forward.

Distraction pushes the pain away without dealing with it, but the body needs the reprieve.

My mind and soul can only take small doses of the deep work.

The writing is hard.

I cry a lot when immersed in the journal.

But sometimes I cry when I paint as well.

I think crying is good for the soul.

Playing around with “pop” art

My Deep Work
Mixed media — petals called for book pages. I used handwritten notes from Jon. #favorite
Another mixed media — I used Jon’s bandana for petals.
Mixed media watercolor
Painted from a favorite picture of my granddaughter and me. This was a 16th birthday gift to her. Challenging, but so fun.

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