Beautiful Scars

I was honored to speak at a breakout session this weekend at the Alabaster Heart conference, Jireh. I’ve stayed home and quiet today. The enemy would like to steal any joy or healing from that event. I’ve tried to be proactive with self-care, good media, lots of reflection, and some art therapy. Interestingly enough, the three pictures below all tie together in ways that God is “showing up” in the last few weeks as we wrestle out this thing called grief.

On a recent trip to Italy, on a day after the official Life on Pilgrimage tour, as I was browsing in THE most amazing store, I came across Kintisugi pottery. The story of Kintisugi pottery…. the broken pottery, the mending back together, the golden scars…. all spoke to me. I picked up the espresso cup set as my most treasured souvenir (and yes, of course, an espresso cup because… it’s ITALY!!!)

The woman in the painting… I didn’t know Jennifer Smith was going to talk about Kintisugi pottery at the conference. Jenn painted a picture of a women, broken and mended with golden scars. Every woman received a print of this beautiful painting in their gift bag.

Alabaster Heart picture used with permission

The last picture…I painted this large canvas several months ago but left it on the easel because I felt it wasn’t finished. Every few days, I’ve gone out to the porch and looked at it, but I didn’t know what it needed. This morning I took up my brush and completed the painting.

Art therapy has played a key role in helping me take next steps. The art doesn’t have to be perfect (good thing.) It’s the time, thought, distraction and reflection that goes into the piece that brings about a bit of healing.

Today as I look at these three pieces of Kintsugi art, I can’t help but think of the scars we carry. All of us. The scars change us. Always. But there is beauty in the scars of these pieces as the light reflects off them. I pray that my scars — and yours — heal to a bright golden color, always reflecting the Light.

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