…encouraging women to live well

Connie is a student of God’s Word, and one of her greatest passions is sharing the lessons God is teaching her.  Whether before a small group of women in a Bible Study or a larger group of women at a retreat, Connie delights in sharing messages of hope and truth, equipping women to love and serve their God well.  She strongly believes that God’s Word is alive and active.  She uses scripture, storytelling, and a little bit of humor to uncover the lies we often believe and reveal the Truth that allows us to live fully and abundantly.  She encourages and inspires women to study God’s Word, to seek truth, and to live well.

Recent topics include:

living well with our blessings…

What’s In Your Bread Basket?  — This message is based on verses in Exodus where God gave the people of Israel exactly what they needed when they needed it, manna from heaven.  But that manna was never intended to sustain them — it was a test.  Today God gives us “manna” too — exactly what we need when we need it.  Are we trusting in our manna?  Is our manna intended to sustain us?  Or is God testing us too?

living well in the waiting…

Remaining Faithful In Seasons of “Even if.” — It’s often easy to trust God when everything is going well.  But what about when life throws us a curve ball?  It’s much harder to trust God when we lose a love one unexpectedly, when a child turns from God, when a job is lost, or something else goes wrong.  Through a very personal stories, Connie shares her seasons of “even if.” Her message is honest and vulnerable and full of lessons she is learning along the way.

living well right where we belong…

Do You Belong? — We all long to belong, but often we feel as though we just don’t fit in.  In this message, Connie’s transparency about her own struggle of finding a place of belonging speaks to women of all ages.  She explains why our need to belong is universal — everyone wants a place in the story.  She also reveals, through practical examples, how and why many of us remain in the margins, never fitting in.  This message will appeal to many groups, teens through adults, for we all long to belong.

living well in God’s design…

Are You Becoming Defined? — God uses life choices and circumstances to change us and mold us.  He is the potter, we are the clay.   But sometimes, we stop the wheel, and become defined by a choice or circumstance.  The divorced woman.  The woman who lost her husband.  The woman whose child ran away.  People begin to view us through that lens.  In this message, Connie shares personal stories of defining moments in her life and how she learned to keep the Potter’s wheel moving.

Have a topic already in mind?  Contact Connie and allow her to talk with you and pray with you about that specific topic.  You may email her at:  gochenaurs@gmail.com.  She would be honored to discuss your event with you.

You will laugh! 

You will cry! 

You will be challenged!

And you will be inspired to live well.